I didn’t go to last year’s APCC because I got lazy. For this year, I decided to debut my Brienne of Tarth cosplan. I’ve been preparing for it since late last year and my costume went through different phases. I also decided to update my Missy costume to match the latest season. Initially I was thinking of doing my Emma Bloom cosplay again for the first day but decided that I wanted to explore the convention and I wouldn’t be able to do so freely if I were in costume. It was a good decision because the sections I wanted to see had really long lines on Day 2 and 3. Well actually it was just the Netflix section.

Day 1

The Stranger Things rooms were my festival favorite. It was composed of 2 and a half rooms. I didn’t see the bikes and I forgot to take photos with the standees of the kids which is a shame.

The Orange is the New Black rooms were cool too. I wanted a “legit” prisoner photo but the orange shirts they had do not come in my size. Booooo!

I had a hard time looking for Artgerm. I thought he would in the artists section and couldn’t find him. It turned out that he was in the booth for the school he works at and that he was the guy smiling at me earlier in the day. I only decided to really seek him out at the end of the day and when I found him, the buy before me bought the last print of Darna. Huhuhu. I got the other prints I wanted which he signed and he’s very accommodating when I asked if I can get a photo with him.

When I was passing by the SkyCable booth, I saw that they’ll be holding a Game of Thrones cosplay contest on the 3rd day. The impulsive me signed up even though I didn’t know anything about it.

Day 2


Photo by Just Nicco
with Nagi and Tin

I almost didn’t push through with my Missy cosplay because the beehive wig doesn’t fit me well. Thanks to Nagi though, she was able to make it look passable by using my other wig (I brought almost all the brown wigs I have) underneath it. The beehive was heavy though and squished everything after hour 2. What should have been a fun day was ruined by unfortunate circumstances. I was able to watch the CAGE presentation and wanted to back out from the Game of Thrones contest after seeing the entries. My friends reassured me that I didn’t need to come up with a number or performances so I didn’t pull out. Still, I hated my Day 2 because of that unfortunate circumstance and I feel like I could have done Missy more justice if I was in the right frame of mind. I was dog tired by 6PM and we decided to have dinner then go back to the hotel.

Day 3

Brienne cosplay
Photo by Nixx de Pano

I had a hard time sleeping that night. Nagi and I got rudely woken up by construction being done on the floor above us at 7 fucking AM. We decided to just go have breakfast and then try to go back to sleep after. I think I was able to have a few minutes of sleep and I started preparing by 11 AM. It was a hot day and good thing Microtel has a shuttle because I know I couldn’t walk under the heat wearing my armor. We were dropped off at 1 PM and when I tried assembling my armor, I realized I didn’t know how to do it. Good thing Miko Beltran, the one who made my armor, was there and he helped me get into my armor. Bless!

Nagi and I went around the exhibition area but I got a text from the SkyCable people that I have to go to the meeting room by 3PM. So the almost-always-on-time me got there at 2:45. Well the 3PM meet turned out to be Filipino time. I thought it would be just a brief meeting but us contestants were stuck there until contest time which was at 5PM. Good thing the air conditioning was nice in the meeting room.

There were only 11 contestants and I was surprised that some of my friends joined. That made the hours-long wait bearable. The director told us that we only had to walk in character and the judging will be quick. I celebrated in my mind because I really didn’t prepare anything. We were shepherded to the back stage and the contest itself started a bit past 5 PM. I tried my best but my friend’s Night King costume was so spectacular and he won. I think only a proper dragon cosplay can beat it. The contest was really fast and we went back to the meeting room where they gave us a Game of Thrones goody bag. Yay! Mine contained a Stark shirt, Stark mug, and a Targaryan lanyard. Not bad at all!

The SkyCable people told us that we couldn’t leave yet because they wanted us to pose with the Iron Throne. We waited for a long time and I texted my friends to meet me at the meeting room because it was taking forever. We gossiped there and I didn’t notice that some of the contestants snuck out already so when we had photos with the Iron Throne there were just a few of us contestants left. I gave up at around 7 PM and removed my armor. I met up with my friends again and we decided to end the day by having dinner.

Cosplaying is expensive, tiring, and time-consuming but I love doing it. I don’t know if I’ll cosplay again next APCC but there’s a big chance I will. I think APCC is the best event to cosplay Western fandoms and it’s so nice seeing so many people in costumes of the series I watch or I’ve heard about. Anime conventions feel different to me somehow and I think the demographic for anime is the younger crowd. I go to anime conventions even though I only got into anime recently. I find it hard to appreciate the cosplayers there because I couldn’t identify the characters unlike the ones at APCC. Asia Pop Comic Con has become my favorite convention because I’m more into Western fandoms so there is really a big chance that I’ll join next year.

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  1. jonasdiego
    September 5, 2017 at 8:47 AM (4 years ago)

    Awesome cosplays! 😀

    • Karen Ang
      September 9, 2017 at 1:28 AM (4 years ago)

      Thank you!


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