Arya Stark Funko Legacy Collection Review

I was very excited to receive the Arya Stark Funko Legacy Collection figure I ordered from Amazon so after eating a quick dinner, I unboxed it to see the details. Unboxing took ages because the plastic mold cover was so snug, a wrong tug could dismember the toy! After around 30 minutes of trying to gently pry Arya loose, I was able to do so without any breakage. So I was very much relieved and wanted to play around with Arya and her blade Needle. Well as it turns out, the toy I got is defective and there is no way to insert Needle into any of her hands. As you can see in the photo, I just posed Arya with Needle on the floor. I am so annoyed because what is Arya without her Needle?! In addition to this disaster, I tried to bend Arya’s joints to test her pose-ability but I just ended up removing some paint flecks from her hands. The joints wouldn’t bend easily and I will run the risk of breaking the toy if I use more force.

I bought a Brienne of Stark Legacy Collection together with this but I didn’t even dare remove her from her box anymore.

Bottomline is, Funko’s Legacy Collection is not worth your money. They’re nice to look at but that’s the only thing they’re good for. Buyer Beware.

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