Mrs Tan

I’ve been trying to troubleshoot my blog since last night. It appears that I cannot update the blog using the WordPress iOS app. I still don’t know why. It just won’t upload media to the server. So I wasn’t able to fix that issue and I’ve tried scouring the WordPress forum which didn’t lead to any solution. And because I haven’t touched the blog for years, a lot of WordPress plugins needed to be updated. I thought it would fix the issue but nope. Still didn’t work. I’m writing this post using my desktop instead. It’s a chore since I often don’t open the laptop.

A lot has been happening since my last update, the Black Saturday post isn’t counted. I’ve quit burlesque due to physical difficulties, there’s the dreadful Covid 19 pandemic, etc etc etc… I can’t be bothered to recount the changes in my life.

Last night was a quiet night. Baduy Pride, which I watch as often as possible, wasn’t on so when Mrs. Tan PM-ed me her Facebook Live, I decided to give it a go. It was fun. My very first online drag show and I had a blast even if I only stayed for about 30-minutes. I requested any Lady Gaga song and Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics. Of couse, I gave Mrs. Tan a tip as I should. The screenshot above was taken from last night, obviously. I gagged over her outfit which very much matches my aesthetics.

I’ve been trying to distract myself from thinking about the stupidity of my government. It’s just too much especially now with the exploding number of Covid cases. I don’t want this blog to be too political though so I won’t post about my frustrations. I have Twitter and Facebook for that.

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