Is Mercury in retrograde? Because there are things that went wrong today.

First it was my coffee maker dying on me. I don’t know what is wrong with the machine but water wasn’t reaching the coffee grounds. I immediately ordered a relatively cheap Hanabishi one from Lazada. Hopefully I get it by Saturday.

And tonight, my pasta came off while I was eating pancit palabok for dinner. This means that I have to go to my dentist and I’m not sure if they are still open. For all I know, their business might have already folded due to the quarantine. I’m fucking scared to go because I would have to remove my face mask and open my mouth for a long time. It’s just so dangerous especially with the high transmission rate these past few months. I really need to fix the tooth, and maybe get a cleaning while I’m at it, because the void in the tooth is big and there’s a possibility that the tooth might crack if I don’t address this problem. I hate this so much. I wish there’s a way to fix my tooth at home. Another thing is the price. I will have to pay more because of PPE for the dentist and staff, and the protocols they have in place. I’ll know about this when I reach them tomorrow.

I should count my blessings though. My family and I are relatively healthy and our family business is still running. And I was able to keep my depression at bay.

But I really don’t want to go to the dentist!

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