Facebook won’t let me post links from this blog. Whenever I try, it says the site violates their community standards which is weird since this is just an ordinary personal blog. There’s no smut and I don’t blog fake news. Now I’m thinking somebody with an axe to grind with me maliciously reported to FB that this site is bogus. I’m very annoyed because all I can only do is submit a report to FB saying that the site does not violate any of their standards and hope that they’ll reconsider.

I’m also having problems with my Instagram account. It’s been over a month since I could use captions, like posts, nor reply to comments. I submitted so many reports to their tech support but still nada. My other IG accounts are fine but the one I use the most is bonked.

Will something wrong happen to my Twitter account? I don’t want to jinx myself but I wouldn’t be surprised if something does.

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