I should have done my research more before investing on a gravity blanket. I bought one from a popular maker in the US. It was expensive then add the expense of having it shipped to the Philippines, let’s say it left a big dent on my wallet. I hardly use mine though and I’ll give my reasons below. If you are thinking of buying one, you might want to read these first.

Your sleeping position
If you are a side sleeper, the gravity blanket will hold down your legs in an awkward and uncomfortable position. It’s very hard to move when you have the blanket on top of you so you might not be able to adjust the position of your legs if you have a weak lower body.

Circulatory problem
If you are like me and have problems with your circulatory system, gravity blankets might pose a health risk because they can possibly cut off blood flow. If you badly need a blanket, purchase a lighter one.

I know these blankets are supposed to be calming but if you have trauma about being held down against your will, the blankets might be triggering so instead of actually helping your anxiety, memories of trauma might resurface.

The quality of the blanket I bought is really good but it literally is dead weight to me. I regret spending so much on mine. I hope this warning will be useful to some of you who are planning on getting one, believing that it will help your anxiety and make you sleep well.

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