Review: Himawari Dear Beaute Oil In Shampoo and Conditioner Volume and Repair

I finally found a shampoo and conditioner set I really like. It’s the Himawari Oil In Shampoo and Conditioner for Volume and Repair which I first got to try when I checked out a sample from Sample Room. As I said in my last review, my hair is very fine and prone to tangles and my scalp is prone to dandruff. It’s hard to manage my hair every day. I spend an hour every day getting the tangles out of my hair with a special detangler brush. Oshima Tsubaki Camellia Oil helps a lot but the Himawari Oil in Shampoo and Conditioner is a big help too. When I finished the sample, I tried looking for it in groceries and drug stores but they’re not available there. I had to ask the distributor where I can purchase them and it seems like they’re only available in Beauty Bar and Lazada. I tried Lazada first but the variant I wanted wasn’t available there so I had to go to the nearest Beauty Bar. Thankfully, the Estancia branch still have them in stock. They’re not cheap. At almost P695 each for 500ml, they are an investment.

Why do I love this shampoo and conditioner? Well, first my dandruff disappeared when I used them. This is a big deal to me because I wear black a lot! Imagine how gross it is for me and those who see my dandruff on my clothes. Second, my hair is more manageable to brush. It still takes time to detangle my hair but brushing time has shortened somehow. Third, I love how they smell. They have a mild floral scent which doesn’t offend my sensitive nose. Fourth, they’re gentle on the hair. The shampoo is silicone and sulfate-free while the conditioner is sulfate-free. Five, it satisfies my Japanese makeup, bath and body products obsession.

TL;DR? Here’s the bullet points.


  • healed my dandruff problem
  • helped my tangle problem
  • smells wonderful
  • sulfate-free and silicon-free
  • Japanese product


  • hard to find
  • expensive

Will I recommend this? Hell yes!

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