We are legion
from Anonymous Philippines’s Facebook Page

Your jubilant faces as you file your C.O.C.’s sicken me. While the citizens wait in dread to be roasted in hell, you brandish those certificates like they’re a badge of honor. How selfish of you. Well, you take away our freedom of speech but we still have the power not to vote for you. Wipe off that smug grin because we will be the judge of you.

While you Pia Cayetano, Alan Peter Cayetano and Chiz Escudera are scrambling to rectify your wrong it has become clear to us that you were sleeping on the job. The Cybercrime Act wouldn’t have been approved in the first place without your approval. We pay for your salaries with our taxes and we expect you to do your job right. If this were a corporate situation and I were your boss, I would have fired the lot of you because of your incompetency. What about you Senators Revilla, Villar, Lapid, Pimentel, Estrada, Legarda, Lacson, Honasan, Marcos, and Recto? Cat got your tongue? We haven’t heard a peep from you about how the libel clause was inserted by the sneaky Tito Sotto  into R.A. 10175. I want to hear your excuse however lame it is because it is your job to protect our rights. Then I will fire you. Valiant Tito Sotto. Oh Sotto, butthurt Sotto, but still a Sotto who has balls to do such a dastardly act. I thought being in showbiz for decades has toughened your hide against hurtful comments but I guess not. Ikaw ang promotor nito and don’t you deny that. The Senate Journal uploaded to the government website serves as our proof. Do you want to review it? I’m inserting it here for your convenience. http://www.senate.gov.ph/lisdata/1271010731!.pdf

PNoy, how far the apple has fallen from the tree. I voted for you and you let me down. I feel so betrayed by your approval of this draconian law. How can you even justify it when you’ve been through martial law? I voted for you thinking that you would never allow any curtailment of freedom to come upon us because of the legacies your parents Ninoy and Cory left us. Just think of how future administrations can use the Cybercrime Law against us. Imagine someone like Marcos or GMA with this much power in their hands and every time we point out their wrongdoings we will be herded into jail with just prima facie evidence to back up their claim of malice and we, the citizens, wouldn’t even have anything to safeguard us. PNoy, this Cybercrime Law will be YOUR legacy.

I will not be shut up. I will not be afraid. I was too young for Marcos’ Martial Law but what we have here is a new form of martial law. This one I will fight. Sige lang. Prepare for the next elections but remember that even if you try to silence us, we are watching your actions and we will know who to vote for.



For now, I place no blame on Congress because the libel clause was inserted when the bill was turned over to Senate but if the Supreme Court fails to overturn this, Congress has the capacity to fix this mess when they resume on October 8 (see this)

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