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Last February 15, 2012, Globe Telecom had a Post-Valentine treat for media people and bloggers at Izakaya in Greenbelt. Ladies got to speed date with some Philippine Volcanoes players that night. Globe required us to take a photo with each member and ask them questions, all within 2 minutes. It was dizzying for me because of the time constraint. Two minutes isn’t enough to get to know each member and take a decent photo with them. Still, it was a fun night even though there were too many women. My estimate is the ratio per player is 4 girls is to 1. Too much competition hehehe.

Here are the photos I managed to take that night.

Some dude welcoming us to the event
crappy photo of me with Darran Seeto
Why do I look scared here? Me with Andrew Wolff
with teddy bear Nick Perry

I had to retake my photo with Nick several times because he’s so tall and got cropped in the photos. This is the most decent one.

Kenneth Stern is such a cutie
Chris Everingham had an injury. The poor dear 🙁
Dark photo with Jake Letts. This looks like a scene from a horror movie!
Jon Morales is a Economics graduate

For the women (and gays) who admire the Philippine Volcanoes, the players who are still single as far as I know are Kenneth Stern, Chris Everingham, Jon Morales and Jake Letts. Most of the guys prefer to just hang out with friends and family at home.  I wish I could have asked more questions but time was very limited.

Thanks to Globe especially Winston for inviting me to the event. I had fun!

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