Huawei Ideos S7 Slim Tablet

The Huawei Ideos S7 Slim Tablet is the latest tablet PLDT is offering to those who want to subscribe to their TelPad services. I was lent a unit for review and was able to try it for a month. The following are my thoughts on this TelPad.

The S7 Slim Tablet is a gadget for those who want to make the most out of their land-line subscription. It is a 6-in-1 device: a telephone, a tablet computer, a digital camera, an Ebook reader, a gaming device and a media center in one console. It is a very convenient device but those who are not familiar with tablets or Android phones/tablets might have a hard time with it in the beginning. Once the learning curve has been hurdled, the S7 is a nifty console to own.

As a telephone, the S7 may be used as a speakerphone and caller ID system. The speakerphone can be a bit tricky because you will need to dial using the cradle first before you can activate the speaker system with the speaker button. For the caller ID to work, you will need to create a Google account first then enter your contacts in the Address Book. For Android phone owners and those who use Google’s Address Book, they only need to link their account to the TelPad and sync their contacts using the internet.

As a tablet computer, the TelPad is useful for light internet users who mostly just access social media (Twitter and Facebook), surf, and email. The built-in flash memory is only 512 MB which means it’s only for light multitasking and users can’t install much apps. I’m basing this on my experience with 512 Android phones. The TelPad is preloaded with the native Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail applications and more may be downloaded from the Android Market. I have a couple of suggested applications to make the tablet experience easier. Users can download the following for free using the Android Market application.

Taskiller Free – This application lets users close background applications to save on battery. It also allows users to kill open applications to free up memory.

Taskiller Free

GO Keyboard – the native keyboard is hard to use for typing so I installed this application and used the “tablet” settings. With the tablet settings, the user can use both of his thumbs for typing instead of the just one when using the built-in keyboard.

GO Keyboard

Android tablets can be used to read and write documents and spreadsheets but I’ve never used Android for such purposes.

Huawei Ideas S7 comes with 2 built-in cameras: the front for video conferencing is only 0.3 megapixels while the back is higher at 3.2 megapixels. The resolution of both cameras is low compared to the latest tablets in the market but comparable to iPad 2’s. The cameras are still useful for quick photos and it’s not like people are going to use this for serious photography.

a shot of my cat using the rear camera

Android tablets has a built-in application for reading ebooks called Aldiko. It lets users browse and download ebooks and upload .EPUB and .PDF files from computers. Android Market also has Kobo, Kindle, and other readers which may be used to download and purchase ebooks.

As a gaming device, the S7 is good for short games. I say this because this tablet is seriously heavy. The TelPad comes preloaded with Angry Birds and you can download more from the Android Market. Take breaks when playing games to avoid hand injuries.

The S7 makes for a good media center because it is expandable up to 32 GB (microSD) and it has a Digital TV-out interface (HDMI 1.3 with HDCP). Users can upload and store photos and videos of up to 8GB (or more with a microSD) and view them on the go. It has a Youtube application and I use this a lot. The clarity of online streaming is quite good at 262K color depth.

viewing a non-HD video on Youtube

The PLDT TelPad S7 Slim is a good option for those who want to own a tablet but can’t afford high-end ones. For P6,000 at the most depending on the subscription plan, it is a more affordable choice. Although it’s not as portable as desired because of its weight, it is still portable and owners can use it on the go by connecting to the internet via WiFi.

Subscription Plans
Subscription Plans

If you are interested in availing the TelPad, PLDT has a Free Phone and Call All SIM Promo where you will get a free myPhone or Samsung phone upon subscription to a TelPad Plan by March 31, 2012. For promo mechanics, visit

TelPad owners may also access premium wifi service in 5,000 hotzones by adding P150 to the MSF. Visit to know more.


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    can u inform me where to buy a S7 casing or pro?tector


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