Last November 3, 2011, my iPhone 4 got stolen during the SuperSale bazaar. I’m still upset with how the organizers dealt with the situation. So many thefts happened in all 3 days of the event. When my phone got stolen, there were at least 4 others who were victimized. It’s really a surprise because there weren’t much people in the bazaar except for the last day. Security was horrible and what really got my goat is the fact that the organizers didn’t notify me when they caught someone in the act of theft on the third day. I mean, what if that person was the one who stole my phone? I still remember the faces of the thieves who victimized me and I could have testified, right? But no! Not only did they not inform me, they never bothered to get my contact details. I had to bug them about the status of the case then tell them to contact me in case there is any update. Sad to say SuperSale is the first bazaar I participated in and I had to experience this. I’ll never join an event organized by SuperSale.

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