I finally have the Smart Netphone 701 many of you have talked about in social media and blogs. I used to own the Smart Amazing Phone which was pretty okay back then. Technology has leaped forward and now Smart has its Netphone which promises to be a great device for posting on a subscriber’s social media accounts.

I unbox my newest toy without further ado.


The packaging is simple. Smart Netphone 701 comes in a thin black box with a window where the phone may be seen.


The box comes with the Smart Netphone 701, battery, battery, micro USB cable, a plug for wall charging, stereo headphones with built-in mic for a hands-free usage of the phone, and manual.

smart buddy

My unit also came with a Smart Buddy prepaid SIM card.

Netphone 701

The manual is illustrated which makes the phone easy for newbies to set up.

back of Netphone 701

The unit also comes with a 2GB micro SD card.


Smart Netphone 701 currently runs on Android Froyo 2.2. I

splash screen

The splash screen indicates that the Netphone is powered by QualComm.


Since the Netphone was low on juice, I plugged it to my MacBook Pro for initial charging.

I will post full review on the Smart Netphone 701 when I get the hang on the mobile. Unfortunately, the signal of Smart Telecom in my area is very poor so I can only play with the phone’s features when I am somewhere else with better signal.

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  1. Roch
    September 14, 2011 at 11:53 AM (10 years ago)

    Smartnet is the sole reason why I’m loving the netphone! 🙂


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