Cast of Characters:

Midnight as Tacgnol
Neighbor’s cat as Longcat

Somewhere in an idyllic neighborhood, the forces of good and evil meet.

The ignorant humans go on with their humdrum lives. Unknowing that Evil resides in their village.

Enter Longcat, the savior of mankind!

Longcat finally finds Evil Tacgnol

Longcat: I sees youz, Tacgnol! Yew cannut excape meez!

Tacgnol: Dagnubbit! Yu spoiled meh plans, Longcat.

Longcat: LOL

cat cosplay
Tacgnol cannot think of an escape from the long "arm" of Good Longcat

Tacgnol: I am shameds

Longcat: LOL

cat cosplay
Defeated Tacgnol

Longcat: Wan to play awtside?

Tacgnol: Meh. Okay.

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