I saw this show ages ago. A Russian man was able to make his cats do circus tricks. I was thinking “how did he get them to perform? My cats are spoiled and they don’t listen to me.” I wish I could train my Baby Bebop to quit sneaking out from the house. She makes everyone crazy when she does that because she runs so far from the house and refuses to come back even when called.

Baby Bebop refusing to wear her Halloween costume

I was cleaning my inbox when I saw an old article my Tita Monette sent me about trained cats.

The Michigan Humane Society has a Pawsitive Start program that uses volunteers to train cats in their shelter in useful and fun behaviors like the high-five and walking into a carrier.

I doubt any institute or tutor trains cats in the Philippines. The article also goes

“…Cats want to work for their food. Having your cat touch your hand with its nose on command is one of the easiest behaviors to train.

Drat. All my cats have to do is look hungry and everyone in this household fills their bowls.

Baby Bebop doesn't like her dress

I don’t think we have the heart to make our cats work for their food 🙁

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